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Kris Allen/Adam Lambert Challenge Community
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Welcome to paintedboys. This is a a community dedicated to American Idol season 8 contestants Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. While a community for the two does exist at kradam_ai the focus of this one is on fiction and art challenges. There will be several challenges running here at once so please check below to see what's going on.

Community Rules
1) This is a real person slash centered community and anyone who has a problem with that please don't take the time to let us know, we don't care. So if you are here to flame the fans of the pairing, the community, the members, or just to be a nuisance leave. If this rule is ignored you will be kicked out and we might make a post about you so everyone can mock. No flaming, at all.

2) All fiction and art must go under a cut, failure to do will most likely get you a lot of "CUT PLEASE" comments (some not so polite) and if you are told to put it under a cut and don't your post will be deleted. If you continue to do this posting rights will be taken away until you can learn how. If you don't know how to do an lj-cut please don't hesitate to ask a mod, if you make a post without a cut a member will most likely show you how (cause people are cool like that.

3) Off topic posts are not allowed. We love the boys and want to know what they are up to but there are communities for that (kradam_ai are some great ones). If your post is not a fic or art piece for one of the community challenges (sequels and companion pieces to challenge pieces are accepted) then don't post it here.

4) Other community promotions are only allowed if 1)Permission from a Mod is granted, 2)It pertains to a Kris/Adam challenge, 3)It's so important and amazing we say what the heck and let it by (don't expect that to happen often). Other then those points don't post community promotions here.

5) Please contact a mod right away if:
- You have a problem with another community member or with content posted to the community.
- If you believe a fic has been plagiarized or someone else fanart has been stolen.
- You have no clue what's going on and don't want to ask in front of people.

Current Challenges

Past Challenges
- Kradam Fic Exchange

Future Challenges


Here are a list of our current affiliates. If you would like to affiliate with paintedboys please comment HERE

chosenfire28 and ilytheira

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