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Kris Allen/Adam Lambert Challenge Community
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7th-Mar-2010 12:13 am - New Challenge? Yes? No?
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
Are you guys ready for another fic exchange. Please fill out those poll, the same rules would apply about the last one (1,000 words minimum, over a month to write, etc). Please fill out the poll so we can get an idea of how to run this :D

Would you like to participate in another fic exchange?


Do you want art allowed as well?


What time period works for you?

April for writing, posting in May
May for writing, posting in June

Are you participating in other challenges? If so which ones

Big Bang(s)
writing for charity (Haiti, Chile, Donorschoose)
other challenge

If enough people want art as well we would run the challenge sort of like btvs_santa and hogwarts_hols with people signing up with what they would like, and us matching them up with the best person to make them something.

The last question is just to get an idea of how busy people are, because a lot of us are involved in multiple challenges and a timeline for this can be worked to fit around those.
18th-Feb-2010 04:40 pm - Glambert's Big Bang Sign-Ups Open!
Sign-ups for Glambert's Big Bang have opened! glambertsbb

Glambert’s Big Bang Challenge is a five month challenge over which authors will write at least 25K and Artists will create Art/Vids/Mixes to go with it. Your fanfic must contain Adam Lambert as a main character, but the rest is up to you (pairing, storyline, setting, AU or not).

Sign-up as an author here.
Sign-up as an artist here.
Sign-up as a beta here.

(Posted with mod approval)

Title: Home
Author: writefiction
Pairing: Kradam
Rating: PG-13 (or the lightest R ever)
Warning: Mentions of abuse and drug use
P.O.V.: First Person, Adam Lambert, then Kris Allen (clearly marked)
Word Count: 3,068
Notes: written for Round One of the paintedboys Bi-Weekly Prompt... Also the song is "I Look at You" by Miley Cyrus
Prompt: Alternate Universe in which Kris is a foster kid and starts in the high school setting
Summary: There were always kids coming and going from the Lambert house. Mr. and Mrs. Lambert had two sons of their own but also enjoyed being registered foster parents. Along the way they pick up Kristopher Allen, a 15 year old with a chip on his shoulder, a mystery to all who meet him with one exception: his foster brother Adam Lambert.


READ ME!Collapse )
6th-Sep-2009 01:29 am - Round 1 - Alternate Universe
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
Hey guys, we hope you are still around because it is time for the first bi-weekly challenge in this community. What will happen is we give you a prompt, you write a fic (or fics) for that prompt, at the end of two weeks we put up a master post with the fics from the latest prompt and people vote. Voting will be open for a week and then results will be announced (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Mod's Choice).

If anyone is confused (cause I kind of am now), here is a breakdown for the first round

Sunday, September 6th - Round 1 prompt goes up
Sunday, September 20th - Round 1 prompt closes/Voting starts/Round 2 prompt goes up
Sunday, September 27th - Round 1 Results Announced

and the pattern will repeat for a few months :D

Now for the prompt:

Round 1 - Alternate Universe

Your fic must have an element of AU in it, anything from Katy and Kris never married to Kris and Adam are on a spaceship searching for Earth (it happens!). Here are some rules that need to be followed:

- All fics MUST BE Kris/Adam, either as friends, in a relationship, or somehow dealing with each other. Other characters/pairings are fine but fics must focus on them.
- All fics must be 500 words or more, there is no maximum however.
- All entries must be tagged with -round 1: AU.
- In the header information include the round prompt and how you used it (ex - Round 1 AU - No American Idol, Kris and Adam meet somewhere else)

Once again there are no limit on how many fics you can post or a maximum word count. The round ends on September 20th, 2009 at 11:59pm PST.

Good luck and happy writing!
kradam | larry king live.
Hey, there, everyone! Thank you so, so much to everyone who participated in the Kradam Fic Exchange!

Beneath the cut is the masterlist for all of the fics submitted for the fic exchange - check 'em out and read the amazing work our participants have done!

Masterlist here.Collapse )

Now that our fic exchange has wrapped up, our first challenge will be going up soon.

As a reminder from my last post: We'll be awarding fics from 1st through 3rd places, chosen by member voting, along with a Mod's Choice for every round. chosenfire28, supermeklot, and I will be alternating each round to pick the Mod's Choice fic. Each member chosen, 1st through Mod's Choice, will have a snazzy banner to go with it.

Direct any questions, comments, or concerns to this post.

- ilytheira
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
Title: This Thing You Can't Define
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN.
Fandom: American Idol RPF
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: threesome, slash
Pairings/Characters: Kris/Adam/Katy, Kris/Adam, Kris/Katy
Written For: blue_icy_rose
Prompt: She wanted, threesome and Kris and kids, I worked it my way.
Summary: There is a reason Kris wanted Adam to come with him and Katy to Colombia.

Author’s Note: This was written for Nicole and I am wanting to write more. I combined the things I know she likes, Kris/Adam/Katy, Kris and Adam with kids, and Kradam lol. This was written for the paintedboys fic exchange and is currently unbeta'd (my normal beta is the person its for).

They had been in Colombia for over two weeks now, it wasn’t the first time he had been on a mission, it wasn’t even the first time he had been on one with Katy, but it was the first time he had been on one with Adam. Collapse )
17th-Aug-2009 10:22 pm - Revelations - R - chosenfire28
Kradam - Twitter pose
Title: Revelations
Author: blue_icy_rose
Rating: R
Pairings/Characters: Kris, Katy, Adam, the Allens, and OMC (also mentions Kris/OMC and there's some Kris/Katy as well)
Written for: chosenfire28
Prompt: "Kris was abused as a child (unknown relative) for being bi-sexual or gay, Katy know this and married him to protect him, what happens when Adam finds out."
Word Count: 5,032
Warnings: Offensive language
Summary: Adam discovers something about Kris's past that he never would've suspected.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone in this story except Randy. Everyone belongs to themselves (or each other in some cases *whistles*).
Note: Also written for tamingthemuse (prompt: Babylon). Hope you like it, sweetie!

9th-Aug-2009 02:07 pm - Express Permission - R- vanya_elda
show, horror, rocky, picture, columbia
Title: Express Permission
Author: recordlabelgirl
Rating: R
Pairings/Characters: Kradam, mentions of Kris/Katy, brief mention of Adam/Brad
Written For: vanya_elda
Prompt: "I never ever, ever, ever lie...unless it's to protect someone." - Adam Lambert
Kris has been taken care of by Katy his whole adult life. Now that they're on tour and Katy's not around, Kris is having issues. Adam notices
Warnings: D/s, mild bondage
Author's Note: I'm pretty sure this wasn't what was expected from this prompt, so I apologize for that and hope it is enjoyed anyways. Also, I had a rl friend beta it and I looked over it, but my apologies for any errors we missed. I'm sure they exist.

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